In a highly regulated world where almost every visible aspect of life seems to be accounted for, Fiction and Fantasy remain unbounded terrain; spaces we can inhabit outside the set walls of concrete realities and structures, wandering beyond pragmatism and ‘the crushing process of total assimilation’ 1

With this gathering of works we catch a glimpse into the different worlds of five artists, who delve into the absurd, perverse, nostalgic and playful with distinct languages and personalities.

Blending myths and archetypes with imagery from the contemporary to the classical, Alejandro Garcia Contreras creates ceramic scenarios that are often both perverse and humorous, and always possessed of a sensual immediacy.

Weixin Quek Chong draws on kink aesthetics and online obsessions or fetishes, playing with the sensory allusions made by sound and materials such as latex and faux fur through sculptural installation and ASMR videos.

Julio Galeote plays with the limits of photography, blurring the lines between sculpture and image by applying a theatrical staging to unexpected subjects. Using unconventional materials and partially revealed images in installation, his work is about expanding the experience of viewing a photograph; constructing, rather than representing, realities.

Jonathan Notario paints hallucinatory images which display a fascination with retro pop culture and its film paraphernalia, book covers and product packaging, combining these elements in a spontaneous and off-guard manner where the line between nightmare and daydream is never fully clear.

The practice of Santiago Torres reads as a study in symbolism; highly figurative elements of metaphor, allegory and archetype feature frequently within an atmosphere of distinctly Classical references in his painterly installations.

1 Byung-Chul Han, ‘The expulsion of the other’