Dufort Gallery was born as a project that combines an important online presence and temporary exhibitions in different spaces, which are adapted to the needs of each event. In this project, the artists also participate in the gallery’s decision-making, generating a common project. In this way, at Dufort Gallery, the projects proposed are strengthened and enriched by the experience and vision of the artists and the gallery owner. Drawing, installation, photography, audiovisual, painting, sculpture or textile are some of the formats of interest for the gallery that materialize a solid commitment to artists with a forceful and wide-ranging work, who also address heterogeneous issues such as politics, feminism or ecology . The online presence of Dufort Gallery facilitates the proximity of the artistic experience to the potential public, making the purchase of contemporary art more accessible. At present, there are numerous contemporary art fairs and events that are adapting their models to the online market since it is estimated that art sales are transferred to this medium according to the circumstances that we are experiencing. Already in recent years, the online art sales figures have increased, but the current state has been a turning point that has forced the entire contemporary art sector to bet on strengthening its virtual presence and transferring therefore, to the public to make their art purchase online. The type of art linked to the gallery is very diverse reaching all types of collectors, so the prices of the works can vary between € 400 and € 20,000, thus achieving an eclectic vision of our collection.